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METAFORSA from Larnitech

We present an affordable smart home solution at the price of only 699 €.
This device is a complete smart home system including the following functions:
– 10 output channels for heating, lighting, valves and motors control;
– 16 input channels for connecting buttons and sensors;
– 8 individual channels for connecting temperature sensors;
– CAN bus for extension;
– USB & Ethernet interfaces;
– Wi-Fi module;
– the possibility of integrating IP cameras;
– remote control.
The METAFORSA set includes 3 movement detectors, 2 leakage sensors, 4 temperature sensors,
4 reed switches, a power supply unit, and an installation manual.
Simply install it at your house or apartment and enjoy all the features of a smart home.
We have interesting offers for wholesale buyers.
For more information about our solution, contact us.
METAFORSA: Every house can be smart.