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Larnitech solutions for the Smart House

Our Smart Home guesses what you want, knows your habits and does everything to make your surroundings comfy and cozy. You won’t need to think about controlling the temperature, safety, lighting and other systems. The Smart House will automate the operation of these systems. You will only need to provide the parameters for them.



Smart Home possibilities are maximized when different scenarios are used. 'I'm out' scenario follows the preset algorithm and turns off all unused equipment, closes all open windows, puts the heating into economy mode and activates the security systems. The 'Morning' scenario will turn on the alarm or music to wake you up; it will open the curtains and adjust the temperature in the room in advance.

Climate control

The climate control function ensures that all the systems (heating, underfloor heating, ventilation, air conditioning, filtering and moisturizing of the air) are managed simultaneously and coordinated.

Heating Mode

Control the modes of your home heating and save up to 30% of energy resources. Leaving home just activate the "economy" mode, and the house will be supported at minimum temperature.

Lighting automation

The lighting system decides whether the light needs to be turned on, and the mode it needs to be done in. Its actions are based on the information from motion detectors, position of doors, time of day and the amount of available sunlight.