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The climate control function ensures that all the systems (heating, underfloor heating, ventilation, air conditioning, filtering and moisturizing of the air) are managed simultaneously and coordinated. The intelligent system will decide which climate control device should be turned on and in which mode. The climate control is not only responsible for the right temperature in your home. It also reduces the use of energy resources by lowering the temperature in the areas which are not used and switching off the underfloor heating during the night. It will also maintain the minimal temperature in the home while you are away.


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Climate control

The unified management and matched operation of the following systems: heating, floor heating, ventilation, air conditioning, filtration and humidification.

The intelligent system creates optimum temperature and air quality in your home.

Zoning of premises

Adjust the appropriate mode for each premise.

Depending on premise destination, time, or people presence, the appropriate temperature mode will be turned on.

Ventilation system

The smart ventilation itself monitors the level of carbon dioxide in the premises.

The system automatically goes on if necessary or switches to power saving mode.


Set the required rate of air humidity.

If the humidity level falls or rises relative to a given reference, the system will automatically go on and restore the level comfortable for you.


Air cleaner

The smart cleaners make the air clean and safe.

You will have no trouble concerned to dust and pet dander allergies. Adjust the cleaner operation scheduled convenient for you and enjoy the fresh air in the house.


Home weather station

Home weather station informs you about the weather situation, and notifies about the rain and snow. When you are leaving home, the system prompts you to take an umbrella.