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Lighting control

Larnitech solutions for the Smart Home

The lighting system decides whether the light needs to be turned on, and the mode it needs to be done in. It acts according to the information from motion detectors, position of doors, time of day and the amount of available sunlight. Only the necessary sets of lighting devices are turned on at the particular brightness level that you need at that moment. The unnecessary lights and devices will be turned off or put into low energy use mode.


Light scenarios

Create your custom lighting scenarios, for example: Early Awakening, Cozy Evening or Business Day. Larnitech will remember your schedule and create a comfortable lighting at various times of day. Set the appropriate lighting scenario via one touch.

Lighting automation

The lighting is automatically switched off or on in comfortable mode. The mode is selected on the base of motion sensor signals, illumination, and door position. With automatic lighting you will not have to search for the switch in the dark.

Smart switches

With the function of switch snapping to groups of lighting fixtures, lighting control throughout the house will be much more convenient. For example, using a switch in the bedroom you can turn off the light throughout the house. Also, one key can control the light on the stairs, in the corridor and hallway.

Curtain control

Control the external lighting of your house with the help of the automatic intelligent control system.

In the morning, the curtains open automatically with with the alarm clock ringing, and close when the room lighting is turned on.

I went / I came scenarios

Leaving home press, one button on the control panel, and the house will automatically turn to the mode I went. Water supply will be blocked, power saving mode for heating and climate control system will be activated, all the lights in the house will go off and the alarm will be switched on.  

Landscape lighting

Switch landscape lighting scenarios and control them in manual or automatic mode. For example, the track lighting goes on automatically at nightfall, and the summer house is highlighted with the appearance of people.