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Multiroom sound system

Larnitech solutions for the Smart Home

The Multiroom system is responsible for the sound environment in the house, in the yard and even in the swimming pool. Various sources of sound can be used, including the internet radio, files on the media server, DLNA system, etc. Also, music can be adjusted to smoothly changing backlight color, creating a calming effect.


Centralized Management

The Multiroom system allows you to centrally manage the sources of audio and video in every room in your home.

You can listen to music and view the image, and also manage them in any part of your home, no matter where the reproducing equipment is established.

Voice alerts

The Smart Home will tell you via the Multiroom system about the call on the intercom, an incoming call on the phone, triggering of leakage sensors, etc.

At the same time, the system will automatically reduce the volume of the music and TV.

Tracking sound

Enjoy your favorite music anywhere in your home.

Due to motion sensors, the system responds to the listener's location and automatically turns the sound on as you move or off in the "empty" areas.


Due to the support of DLNA technology, you can output your favorite music from the smartphone or tablet library directly to the speakers of the Multiroom system.