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Larnitech solutions for the Smart House

Safety is the cornerstone of our Smart House concept. We divide the issue into two categories: safe functioning of the engineering systems and various security features.

Your home is under complete control now

Control of utility systems

You will be notified immediately in case of emergency situations i the following systems: water supply, heating, power supply, air conditioning, ventilation, security, video surveillance, internet communication, etc.

Access control

While the intrusion into the house or into the territory, the alarm detectors are triggered. The system activates the sound and light alarm, calls the security service, and sends you a message, a photo or video clip from the surveillance camera. Informs you in case of gas, or water, leak and stops the supply if possible.


Remote video surveillance

Control video surveillance cameras in online mode. Recording can be made continuously or only when motion is detected. The video archive is recorded via encrypted channel to a remote server. You can view the records from the cameras at any time.

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Emergency control

While triggering of water leakage sensors, the system automatically turns the water off and it immediately informs you what has happened.

Presence simulation

You need to leave your house for a few days, but you do not want this anyone know about it? The Smart Home system will create the illusion of the host’s presence: in the evening the light will automatically go on, the curtains will close, the TV and music will go on, barking dogs and people`s talk can also be heard.

Control of electrical appliances

You can turn off the iron or the oven remotely using your mobile phone. Or when you leave home, the intelligent system itself turns off all electrical appliances, with the exception of the necessary ones (refrigerator and washing machine).